TL;DR: Original is Better is a design studio merging artist intention with consumer individuality. Creating exclusive, one-of-one designs.

Our lives reveal themselves to one another through the ways we express ourselves. From the clothes we select to the art we immerse ourselves in and create, each choice provides a glimpse into our distinct identity.

Traditionally, the line between consumer and creator has been drawn starkly in bold. We founded Original is Better to show what happens when that line is dramatically rethought. We are designing a new medium where artists and consumers connect as living, breathing exchanges that evolve over time.

The journey begins with a simple idea—a spark of inspiration that ignites our imaginations and infuses our world with vibrant color. Original is Better strives to capture these fleeting moments of joy and transform them into lasting, tangible expressions.

If our vision resonates with you and you're interested in collaborating, we'd love to chat. Reach out to us at hello@oib.art.

Welcome to Original is Better; we are excited you are here.

Marc Abbey & Connor Guy